Reviewd by Richard Lane

November 2016

That doyenne of directors, Pam Tucker, has done it again! She has produced an end of year show, Christmas Carnival, which supports their mission statement that SALOS consists of people “… with a love of performing and singing in particular…” Christmas Carnival was a show loaded with fun and music, music and music.
There were some 60 songs, all sung with energy, enjoyment and passion by the performers. The stage was necessarily bare to allow for the constant entrances and exits by the 23 or so singers plus one dancer.
Tenor Anthony Little gave a lovely falsetto performance of "Bring Him Home" from the muscial Les Miserables; and Marion Manuel with Ralph Gourlay were an appealing duo, particularly in Ralph’s song "Onkaparinga".
Jokes abounded, with Noel Carthew’s "The 12 Days of Christmas" a hit with the audience and Peter Orchard related the tongue twisting Rindercella with a nice light touch and a tinge of naughtiness!
We heard movie songs, Christmas songs, some excellent folk songs, pieces from previous SALOS shows, Disney songs and some old favourites. All marvellous offerings that the audience craved to hear. Pam knows her target audience!!
A very funny and nicely timed duet, "The Hero and the Villai", was performed by the experienced David Roberts and Anothony Little.
Christine Southby gave a beautiful rendition of "Waltzing in the Clouds" and Christine Lewis was a delicious ingénue. 
The shows dancer, Caitlyn Rugless, was obliged to dance solo on the night due to the illness of her normal dance partner Ellen Fogarty. Caitlyn was a perfectly sweet talented and charming performer.
Let it be said that all who took part played their many and varied roles well.
This show reflected much of SALOS’ 2016 work in a manner that would have made them “… proud of its many veteran performers while supporting youth as well..”
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