Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – Now Productions

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – Now Productions

The story of the now famous flying car was created in Ian Fleming’s book then was made into a very successful motion picture and now is presented as a stage play which is suitable for all the family.

How can you have a car fly on stage? The illusion created by the props and set people of NOW Productions was one of the highlights of this production.

The two directors, Joe Russell & Bianca Woods fashioned forty six mostly young people into a cohesive cast of leading actors, cameos, junior and senior ensembles. Some of the leads were alternated for performances so I can only comment on the ones that I saw.

Michael Hardy played Caractacus Potts. At the beginning I was disappointed as the diction was a little hard to understand but then he sang and from there on he produced a strong lead. Chloe Seabrook played Truly Scrumptious in a noteworthy performance. Her voice was so clear and controlled that it was difficult to believe she was only 12 years old.

Rhys Young and Ava Hughes played the Potts children. They both had major parts and never missed a beat. The scene stealers were many. Aidan Good as Boris and Kane Mobbs as Goran performed with believable accents. Axel Moen as Baron Bomburst is a real entertainer and Indianna Rumsby as Baroness Bomburst impressed with her singing ability.

The orchestra was the Playford City Band conducted by Gareth Budd. They had a tentative start but developed into a great support for all the singers.

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