CASH ON DELIVERY – Tea Tree Players

CASH ON DELIVERY – Tea Tree Players

Reviewed by Ceri Horner

May 2012

Cash on Delivery by Michael Cooney is a very funny take on exploiting
the social security system with plenty of bawdy humour that kept the
opening night Tea Tree Players audience shrieking with laughter.

Cooney’s comedy is pretty much the perfect farce and is in capable
hands with first time Director Tina Cini.  Eric Swan has diddled the
DSS out of thousands of pounds and is on the verge of getting caught
red handed when he ropes his lodger Norman Bassett into unwittingly
helping to hide his outrageous deceptions.

Nick Hargraves as Eric Swan is good but not quite frantic enough for
a farce, while Andrew Dowling is more successful with excellent
consistency and timing as Norman the hapless accomplice lodger.
The supporting cast play a motley bunch of characters, all
predictably showing up when they shouldn’t and adding their bit of
mayhem to the mix.

Some brilliant comic moments are delivered by Damon Hill as Mr
Jenkins the DSS inspector, George Humphries as Uncle George and John
Matsen as Doctor Chapman.

Theresa Dolman is terrifically confused as Eric’s wife Linda and
Hayley Mitchell is perfectly corny as the sympathetic bereavement

Chris Galipo, Adrian Heness and Sharon Pitardi all
contribute to the fun and confusion.   Add a washing machine with
attitude and some well executed effects and the result is a fast
paced and entertaining night out.


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