Can Can – The Metropolitan Musical Theatre

Can Can – The Metropolitan Musical Theatre

Can Can – directed by Leonie Osborn and the Metropolitan Musical Theatre – C’est Magnifique!! A romantic story of French love, art and intrigue set in the bohemian area of Monmarte, Paris in 1893.

It was a great performance on Opening Night. Spectacular choreography by Carmel Vistoli and dancing by the whole cast. The Garden of Eden dance, the French dance and especially the final Can Can were delightful.

Selena Britz as Pistache was a fun, vibrant, bigger-than-life character, balanced ably by Daniel Fleming’s serious but passionate Judge Aristide Forestier. Roberta Potamianos as the tall graceful dancer Claudine and Jed McDonald as Boris also complemented and clashed with each other in a rollercoaster of emotion, fuelled by art.

Musical Director Stephanie Neale made sure that there was clear pronunciation, interesting French accents, singing and music, backed by an excellent orchestra, well balanced by the Sound people – Tim Freedman and Cambell Lawrence (not always easy to achieve at the Arts Theatre). And the audience sang along to some of the famous songs, ‘I love Paris’ and ‘C’est Magnifique’.

Wonderful set design by Leonie Osborn and creative artist Paul Brunner made some of the backdrops a three-dimensional work of art.

The only thing I could fault was the opening courtroom scene, which was a bit flat and slow to start.

Quick smooth scene changes assisted the flow of the action throughout the performance. The beautiful period costumes were created by a huge team of dressmakers and compliments go to all the others who made this show run smoothly.

If you like historical theatrical musicals, it’s worth going to see it – until 20 October.

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