CALAMITY JANE – Marie Clark Musical Theatre

CALAMITY JANE – Marie Clark Musical Theatre

Reviewed by Kerry Cooper

May 2014

Calamity Jane can outshoot and outrun any man in Deadwood city and director Ben Stefanoff , musical director Kristin Stefanoff and choreographer Rachel Dow make sure it is done with energy, fun and a whole lot of charm. With a catchy well known score it is hard not to be swept up in this tongue in cheek musical about a gun-toting broad with a feisty exterior and a heart of gold.

In the title role of Calamity Tegan Gully is a riot as she bounds across the stage whilst singing some of the shows catchiest tunes. Her strong vocals are a highlight and this is never more apparent than in her rendition of My Secret Love in the second act. Wild Bill Hickock played cheekily by Andrew Crispe is all a leading man should be; his timing, spirited manner and deep vocals command attention and given the rapturous applause he received on opening night most were in agreeance.

Leah Potter as Katie Brown was delightful, she brings a sweet naivety to her role, as does Georgia Bolton as Susan Miller. For the most part the cast where strong and well rehearsed. It was unfortunate that there were a few sound issues with microphones, but the cast handled this well and were forgiven quickly.Costumes were what you would have expected from the period. Unfortunately the set looked unfinished and would have fared better with more attention to detail. 

You can not deny the charm of this musical…I am still humming The Windy City.

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