CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA – Independent Theatre

CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA – Independent Theatre

Reviewed by Kerry Cooper

April 2014

If we are to believe George Benard Shaw’s version of Caesar and Cleopatra, then we must start with a clean slate; for he writes of Caesar as a great, kind and virtuous man incapable of doing others harm.

The lights come up to reveal a stunning tableau, with costumes that reflect our preconceived ideas of Egyptian and Roman times and projections designed by Nicholas Ely on the back wall which are nothing short of breath taking.
The audience are transported to a moment in time where each has a role to play.

Caesar is given life by experienced actor David Roach, his portrayal is surprisingly playful and humorous. Cleopatra is played by Alicia Zorkovic, her jet black hair and vibrant make-up shielding an immature and naïve soul who is searching for love and her rightful place. Director Rob Croser has cast well as the leads exude chemistry.
With such a strong cast relationships and alliances are noticeable early. Bronwyn Ruciak plays Ftatateeta, Cleopatra’s nurse with just enough venom to make her menacing. Nicholas Ely’s portrayal of Ponthinus is commanding and Rufio and Britannus, played respectively by Keith Wilson and Michael Pole are perfectly cast.

The effort of production staff was noticeable with sets reminiscent of the time that were easily manoeuvred by the cast to assist with different locations and a soundtrack that commanded your attention.
We have come to expect strong productions from Independent Theatre and this show continues their run of quality theatre

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