BRIGADOON – The Metropolitan Musical Co

BRIGADOON – The Metropolitan Musical Co

Reviewed by Wendy Mildren

May 2013

It is always a very bold move to put on a show as well known and loved as Brigadoon, but the Met managed to pull it off brilliantly, complete with pipers!.   Leonie Osborn as Director, Jillian Gulliver as vocal Director, Gordon Combes Musical Director and Carmel Vistoli as choreographer all handled their portfolios with great skill.
Elizabeth Riley (Fiona Mackeith) produced a  magnificent trained soprano voice and looked and acted the part of Fiona splendidly.  She maintained a Scottish accent throughout  and was a joy to listen to.   Daniel Fleming played the slightly bemused love interest and sang well, his voice blending beautifully with Riley.  Their version of heather on the hill was a standout.
Jared Frost who played the eager bridegroom had a magnificent tenor voice and his version of ‘I’ll go home with bonnie Jean’ was beautifully performed.  Barbara Nutchey played the happy bride and performed her dances with great grace.  Jacinta Vistoli as the lusty Meg Brockie played her part to the hilt and was a joy to watch.  She sang her two songs with great verve.
Angus Smith in the non singing role as Tommy’s cynical drunken friend was excellent and his scene with Vistoli trying to avoid her sexual advances was a highlight.   Others in the cast were Myles Teakle (Harry Ritchie), Barry Hill (Mr. Murdoch), Celeste Barone (Maggie Abernethy/ Jane Ashton), Matt Smith (Sandy) Tom Barnes (Andrew MacKeith), David Scott (Donald Ritchie) and Robert Caust (Angus MacMonie) all played their parts well and maintained their Scottish accents.
The ensemble singing was a joy to listen to.  Their opening song ‘Down in MacConnachy Square’  was a standout and set the standard for the rest of the show. The set worked well and the  inventive use of the scrim set the mood for each scene.   The program noted that the correct tartans were unavailable, however, the costume crew managed very well.  The audience was vocal in their appreciation and most went out of the theatre singing the songs.

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