BOEING BOEING – St Jude’s Players

BOEING BOEING – St Jude’s Players

Reviewed by David Smith

August 2016

You could be excused for thinking that this 1960s farce would by now be showing its age. To an extent it is, but director Les Zetlein’s keen understanding of the genre, along with some excellent casting, has kept it vibrant, well-paced and very funny.
Don Oakley and Zetlein’s set was the stylish central room of an apartment, with plenty of doors through which the characters could make the required entrances and exits.
The cast were strong both individually and as an ensemble. 
John Koch as Bernard looked and acted the part of the roué trying to juggle three fiancées at once. Those three, all airline stewardesses, while conforming to national stereotypes as per the script, were well delineated by the three women playing them. Charlotte Batty was a confident, liberated and empathetic Gloria, nicely contrasting with Carla Hardie's volatile Italian Gabriella and the uber-Teutonic Gretchen, strongly and where necessary, stridently played by Jessica McGaffin.
This is a fast moving comedy and much of the humour was carried by Tim Taylor as Bernard's provincial friend Robert and Lindy LeCornu as Bertha, Bernard's gruff maid. Their comic timing and delivery were faultless and they both handled their roles as both observers and participants with commendable subtlety. The audience readily identified with them, and laughed loud and often. Taylor was particularly funny in his many 'rabbit in the spotlight' moments.
The production maintained its pace and light humour right through to the end of the nicely choreographed bows, while having the quirky credibility found in genuine farce.
Lindy LeCornu, Carla Hardie, Tim Taylor and John Koch in a scene from Boeing Boeing
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David Smith
David Smith
David’s long involvement in community theatre began in Adelaide and continued for some decades in Port Augusta, Whyalla, Kapunda and the Barossa, and for one year, McAllen, Texas, USA. He is a performer, director, writer and former secondary school Drama teacher. He sings in the Adelaide Harmony Choir.

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