BIRTHDAY SUITE – Tea Tree Players

BIRTHDAY SUITE – Tea Tree Players

Reviewed by Ceri Horner

February 2011

Birthday Suite by Robin Hawdon is billed as a fast moving comedy. The
play itself is a little slow in places and lacks the fast wit
required to be really funny.  However, this production by Tea Tree Players is still a success.

Ably directed by Don Stuart the action takes place in two adjoining
hotel rooms where the boring and predictable Bob nervously awaits a
date that is not his wife.

Ben Kempster is believable as Bob the awkward civil servant, looking
aptly out of place attempting his first illicit affair.  Kempster
plays the role just right, resisting any temptation to over act and
leaving the scene stealing to Gavin Cianci in role of Tony, the over
the top temperamental Italian waiter.  Cianci has great comic timing.
Rachel Spargo is perfetly terse and versatile as Liz and Jo Boots
succeeds as the shy Kate.

The real surprise in this production is Adrian Heness whose physical
comedy is right on the mark.  This is the best performance I have seen
from Heness who is well cast as Dick the psychiatrist.

The set design, also by Stuart is solid and functional adding to the
smooth action.   Stuart says he rarely directs, but may do more in the future.


If this effort is anything to go by, do yourself a favour and try and catch his next instalment.


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