BIG THE MUSICAL – Northern Light Theatre Company

BIG THE MUSICAL – Northern Light Theatre Company

BIG THE MUSICAL – Northern Light Theatre Company Reviewed by Paul Davies


October 2015

Big starts Big, and then gets bigger. The opening number has most, if not all, of the cast on stage, shows off a very well designed set and some serious talent, and gets the appreciative audience into a great mood.
It’s always a little un-nerving when a company produces a work based on a well-known piece. It’s rather like a good friend announcing that she’s getting a new hair-do. You want to like it, but it’s a bit worrying. David Gauci’s direction of this eighties-rich conversion dispelled any such doubts.
Favorite set pieces wooed the audience, (especially the dancing-on-the keyboard scene) and the whole ensemble transferred their enjoyment through the fourth wall.
Kate Dempsey as Susan was the stand-out for me. Her big voice taking command whenever she’s on stage. Charlie Smith as Josh also brilliantly cast, and wonderfully played. I tried to find-out who cameoed Zoltar but it wasn’t in the programme. I have my suspicions. –Gave me goosebumps! 
Musical direction and choreography are of the excellent standard we’ve all come to expect from Northern Lights, as were the whole ensemble. 
Jack Raft as the younger Josh showed a stage presence beyond his years, as do all the young members of this well drilled cast. 
Angus Smith is always reliable, and will chuck in an (almost) unnoticeable ad-lib to rescue a little whoops. Always for me the mark of a good actor. –As is not being thrown by it if you happen to be the chap he’s telling to “Pick that up.” 
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