BATS – Tea Tree Players

BATS – Tea Tree Players

“Bats” is a spooky, scary musical set in modern Transylvania about Dracula, gangsters, tourists and many other strange characters.

All the Youth and Junior Group of Tea Tree Players gave a wonderful performance on Opening Night. The three directors – Penny Phillips, Kristyn Barnes and Rhi Shapcott – are to be congratulated for planning and organising this production with 37 young actors and actresses! The Musical Director Danni Fulcher, has done a great job and we all enjoyed the songs by soloists and groups. I loved the World Global Tour song, the Anti-love song and “Just like the Good Old Days”!

Jo Allenby’s costumes were all excellent, especially the Wolf Men and Draculas. Hair and makeup crew also need to be commended for their creativity. The Lighting and Sound effects by Mike Phillips and Leslie Brittan were very effective.

Penny Phillips’ set design and scenic artwork by Damon Hill, Jason Kent and Rhi Shapcott was clever and innovative for the many complex scene changes. The invisible support of many parents and volunteers was also reflected there.

As far as the cast goes, everyone made a terrific effort to create a wonderful show. In particular I commend the following: LJ Thiele as Cecil Star, Matthew Wright as Igor, Shayla Mitchell as the Tour Guide, Alastair Osborne as Mr Dracula, Clinton Nitschke as Count Dracula for acting. And for comedy and humour – Soren Kubenk as Mr Hill, Katya Zirnsak as Nasher, Zack Brittan as Nosher and Bobby White as Rover the Dog.

The big and little children in the audience enjoyed the jokes, songs and dances and general good times created by this show. With its broad range of musical styles and suitability for a large cast, it is a wise choice for such a group as the Tea Tree Players Youth ensemble.

Tea Tree Players
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