Baked Beings…Reheated – Two Wells Melodrama Group

Baked Beings…Reheated – Two Wells Melodrama Group

Two Wells Melodrama Group have been around for 39 years (not including the C
Year we had to have). This is a group that exist solely to have fun, give opportunities,
and raise much needed funds for the local community.  Nearly all the
performers are from the Two Wells community and surrounding area and provide a once-a-year
production which is thoroughly entertaining.  They would be the first to
admit they are not professional singers, actors, or dancers but they have an
absolute passion for what they do.  Like many of the TASA companies, they
have their regular performers, in fact Anne Arbon and Kay Boon have been with
the company since the first and second years respectively.

This year’s offering is a re-write of a show performed back in 1989 which
was originally written by the members and re-written for 2020.  Obviously
with Covid, Opening Night was delayed about 12 months but as is the adage of
theatre, The Show Must Go On.

The story revolves around an island whose inhabitants are fast running out
of food and have had to resort to cooking individuals to feed the masses.
Enter the theme of “Lost” when a plane crashes on the island and the
survivors get caught up in the planned wedding feast of the prince of the
island and his arranged bride.

This is a show that revolves around audience interaction.  It is
encouraged and the more the audience participate the more it feeds the actors
on stage.  In true Melodrama style, the cast absolutely play for

Lance Grant as Bones, the local Witch Doctor never stops moving, Paul
Schmelzkopf as King Dingaling is head of the Island with his second wife Janene
Lynn as Queen Bee (his first wife fell victim to the cooking pot).  The
king’s son Prince Backup played by Alessandro Renaglia is to be married off to
Pearl played by Jade Hunt until the plane survivors arrive and he spies Helene
– Abby Silverman.  Other survivors include Nick Algar as Albert and
Eleisha McCaul as Gertrude, Johnny Cavallaro as Olly & Jessica Renaglia as
Charlotte, Russell Ford as The Vicar and his wife Matilda played by Anne Arbon
and finally Maude played by Kay Boon who is the quintessential whiny drunk who
teams up with Islander Knuckles played by John McInerney to try and sail off
the island.  The last member of the Islanders is Pot Luck played by Lance
Morgan.  Lance is not in the show for very long as you can imagine with a
name like Pot Luck, he is very quickly dispatched to the pot to be part of the
wedding feast.

As with all Melodrama productions, members fill many roles and once he has
been dispatched Lance becomes the Stage Manager for the rest of the production.
Many of the remaining case also fill multiple roles including set construction,
costumes, publicity, programs, ticket sales etc.

This company is even more unique in that for the price of a ticket which is
$40 for the evenings you not only receive seats to the performance but also an
amazing three course meal cooked by the wonderful people within the
community.  There is also full bar service with wait staff to cater to
your every need.

One of the truly amazing pieces of information about this group is their
productions are put together on a budget of around $5,000.00 and in the past 39
years the show has raised over $700,000 which goes back to the local
community.  Proceeds from this year’s raffle will be going to Labs ‘n’ Life, an
organisation that provides a wide variety of young people with the opportunity
to experience success and gain confidence whilst learning how to build
relationships whilst at the same time training service dogs.

Sadly, tickets have sold out for the rest of the season I believe but please
keep 14th-28th May free for 2022 and do yourself a flavour!

Oh, and for those that want to know, Baked Beings do taste a lot like

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Jacqui Wall
Jacqui Wall
Involved in theatre since 1980, with Scout Performing Arts then later branching out to TASA companies. Jacqui has been involved in many aspects of theatre including: cast, directing, production and stage management and most other departments. Jacqui has been fortunate to learn lighting from some of the best including Bill Everett of Apollo Lighting.

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