ANYTHING GOES – Murray Bridge Players and Singers

ANYTHING GOES – Murray Bridge Players and Singers

Reviewed by Laraine Ball

November 2010

This fun musical set in the 1930’s aboard a cruise ship has a lot to offer for the audience and to be successful needs to bolt out of the gates go flat out non-stop til the end. Unfortunately this production directed by Terry Hoare faltered a little at the start and didn’t get into full swing until after the interval.

However having said that there were many saving graces and many of the cast gave outstanding individual performances. As well the ensemble feeling of the cast was strong and they all looked terrific. Emily Adams as Reno Sweeny was marvellous giving her character heaps of attitude really enjoying the part and she wowed the audience with a fabulous version of ‘Blow Gabriel Blow’.


Leighton Vogt did well as Billy Crocker even though he struggled a little with the singing and Emma Harrison was a lovely Hope Harcourt and sang like an angel. Excellent work and lots of comedy came from Steve Thomas as Moonface Martin, Trent Baker as Lord Evelyn Oakleigh and Noel Kneebone as Eli Whittaker. Cassie Brion was great as Erma and did a splendid job of her song with the sailor’s chorus.

Under MD Chris Hodgen the music flowed and kept the toes tapping, although it did seem at times as if the singers were out of their comfort zones. The set of the cruise ship looked wonderful and gave lots of flexibility to the actors with its upstairs platforms; however the scene changes seemed a little long and clumsy.

On the whole a good show that was much appreciated by the audience and well supported by the community.

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