Any Number Can Die – Tea Tree Players

Any Number Can Die – Tea Tree Players

The Tea Tree Players comedy/murder mystery production Any Number Can Die is another entertaining evening from this theatre company.


Director Lilly Dolman conjures up an old abandoned mansion on a lonely island and fills it with weird and wonderful characters in lovely 1920’s costumes to good effect.


The cast is a mixture of experienced actors and newcomers taking their first steps in an adult production and it is a good balance.  There were solid performances from everyone although some first night nerves were apparent.  


Steven Brown (Chuck) and Kaila Barton (Judy) set the scene well and hint at what is to come. Annika Barry is delightful as Sally van Viller, a romantic role that provides an opportunity to also show her musical ability.  Daniel Toy (Jack Regent) and Lachlan Blackwell (Carter Forstman) perform well as her competing suitors.  Harrison Morris generates laughter as the sinister looking butler Edgars. He is more than matched by Chris Galipo’s strange character, the Haitian housekeeper Zenia. Adrian Heness convincingly portrays the lawyer Roger Masters with an authoritarian air. Tina Hall commands the stage with her entrance as Celia Lathrop, the money hungry potential heiress with Tim Cousins as her husband, failed millionaire TJ Lathrop, in tow.  The sleuths Lesley Main (Ernestine Wintergreen) and Rick Mills (Hannibal Hix) hilariously conduct the search for a murderer through the labyrinth of the Raven’s Head mansion.


This play depends so much on its set, lighting and sound.  These are so good that they deserve star billing. Congratulations to Lilly Dolman, Damon Hill and the whole set construction team. There were times when the set eclipsed the very good live performances.  As audience members we found ourselves listening to the dialogue with eyes glued to the mansion’s walls!

Any Number Can Die
Tea Tree Players
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