Annie – Now Productions

Annie – Now Productions

NOW Production’s Annie is great family fun for both performers and audience alike.


A large cast of youth performers, mostly pre-teens and teenagers, brings a high level of energy and enthusiasm to this production.


Miley Vincent is very well cast as Annie.  The lead role requires a distinctive and strong voice to deliver that song “Tomorrow” and Miley is perfect for it.  Kane Mobbs at 16 years old had the hardest challenge in playing Daddy Warbucks but he rose to the occasion with an air of gravitas and swagger and gave a very good rendition of Daddy Warbucks’ solo “Something was Missing”.  Saphron Giannos as Mr Warbucks’ secretary Grace Farrell has a lovely voice that added strength and depth to many of the ensemble pieces.  The orphans are a delight. They were all very good in their roles. Alyssa Faranda as Molly was charmingly cheeky.  An assortment of ages and heights adds to the visual appeal of their song and dance numbers “A Hard-Knock Life” and “Never Fully Dressed”.  


Madeleine Riggs as Miss Hannigan is marvellous, a comedic talent, and an instant favourite with the audience.  Zachary Baseby as Rooster Hannigan nailed the oily con-man role, ably accompanied by Shannyn McKay-Lee as girlfriend Lily. This trio delivered one of the funniest song and dance numbers “Easy Street”.


The Bert Healey radio show and the Whitehouse meeting with President Roosevelt scenes were also well done by all and very funny.  The ensemble pieces not only showcased the cast’s song and dance abilities but also some very nifty tap dancing.


Seven year old golden retriever Ginny played Sandy much to the joy of many children in the audience.  Ginny was very well behaved and probably a little bemused by the applause.


Set design and scene changes were simple and stylish enabling this large cast to have access to the full stage. Sound quality varied a little but overall it didn’t matter.


The audience was fully masked due to Covid regulations but we were all smiles underneath.

Now Productions
The Shedley Theatre
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