ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER – Independent Theatre

ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER – Independent Theatre

Reviewed by Ceri Horner

November 2011

Loving, caring, protecting, giving and teaching – these are things that mothers do instinctively without thought for themselves and without expecting much in return. Independent Theatres production of All About My Mother directed by Rob Croser is, as the title suggests, about women and in particular the kindness and solidarity that exists between them, even when they are strangers.

The play by Samuel Adamson adapted from a film by Pedro Almodovar is extremely well crafted and enjoyably unpredictable. The characters draw you into their complex stories to share their pain and their loss and to witness their giving and humanity.

Bronwen James gives a sincere and believable performance as Manuela who has lost her only son Estaban. James plays the perfect mother, putting others needs first even in the midst of her tremendous grief.

The role of Sister Rosa is played with fresh faced optimism by Peta Shannon and Kathryn Fisher is engaging as the actress Huma Rojo.

Peter Davis is entertaining as the frantic Stage Manager and Michaela Burger makes an excellent fist of the complex role of Nina, a drug addict who is an actress.

Much needed comic relief is provided by Nicholas Ely in the role of Egrado the transvestite complete with 6 inch heels and an overdose of colour.

There are a couple of terrible wigs and a few slower moments but on the whole this production is entertaining, unique and thought provoking theatre.




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Fran Edwards
Fran Edwards
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