All About Eve – St Jude’s Players

All About Eve – St Jude’s Players

When I reviewed theatre for the now defunct Suburban/Hills edition of The Weekender, I wrote …”If Jo St Clair features in any production,  her presence alone will guarantee the show’s success.”

Here we go again with Ms St Clair as a cynical drama critic in The St Jude’s Players production of All About Eve as she commands the stage, gorgeously clad, whenever she appears.

The plot centres around a stage door ‘fan’ who gradually upstages the great actress Margo Channing ingratiating her way into Channing’s  latest Broadway show, and attempting to steal her boyfriend.

In particular, the scene where Channing (Rebecca Kemp) and her ‘beau’ (Adam Schultz) fall out is especially moving.

Olivia Jane Parker who faultlessly directs, has adapted the play from the original screenplay, having totally immersed herself in the story
since she was 6 years-old.

She tells me her version is still true except that several characters have been enlarged.

“Often the true facts behind the events were even more interesting than the fiction! I explore the multifaceted subject of ambition, and how as a society we view ambitious women and their actions!”

“A lot of love has gone into this production, but we have had everything thrown at us, including a pregnancy, and two actors dropping out
at the last minute!”

Altogether, eleven actors are spot-on with their portrayals. These include Scott Battersby and his 14-year-old daughter, Zoe, who is making
her debut, Jade Cooper, Ian Hart, Leah Lowe, Steve Marvanek (good to see him ‘treading the boards’!) Angela Short and Deborah Walsh.

Mention has also to be made of Don Oakley’s incredible set, some brilliant accompanying sound, and music of the 40’s compiled by Ms Parker and Thomas Batten, amazing costumes by Rosemary Taylor, Anna Siebert, Jill Wheatley and Meredith Harvey, and outstanding hair styling from Katherine Stevens and Suzanne Lowe.

This wonderful production deserves to transfer to the Festival Centre where I’m sure it would enjoy further success!

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