Ain’t We Got Fun – Blackwood Players

Ain’t We Got Fun – Blackwood Players

Sue Oldknow’s script took us back to the roaring twenties and introduced us to the characters of the time.

Damien White as Babyface Balconi was believable in this role with his accent and strong voice that was needed in this Venue.

Shelley Pontiac as Lulu La Belle was infectious with her delivery of the many misguided aphorisms throughout the play such as ‘looking through a needle at a haystack’ and ‘ace up her hole’ to name just a couple.

John Charles Maney was a standout as Mugsy Madison. His physique and presentation made him perfect for this role.

Although their voices were pleasant, the duets and solos by Nicholas Champions as Robin Ball and Erin Kralj as Susie Simpson were lost in the vastness of the venue.

There was improvement with the audio when all the cast sang but more atmosphere could have been generated if the audience had been encouraged to sing along. All the songs were oldies but goodies and the audience who had been included as guests of Babyface Balconi’s Club were ready to join in.

All the cast shone with the flapper choreography by four talented ladies. The true to the era costumes were outstanding and a credit to another four talented ladies.

As well as writing the script Sue Oldknow co-produced with Michelle Maclean. They managed to bring together a talented cast but possibly needed a smaller venue to create some of the missing atmosphere.

All the backstage personal added to the overall effect of a ‘speak easy’ with the set, lighting and sound plus all the other things that go toward producing a theatre production.

Although the audio was difficult to hear at times the hospitality of the company and the cabaret style seating was appreciated.

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