A Princess Party – Promise Adelaide

A Princess Party – Promise Adelaide

A Princess Party is a colourful musical delight for the very young … and the not so young.


This concert of Disney favourites is performed by a very talented team of young singers. They have clear voices with excellent diction and confident stage presence.  Their audience is comprised mainly of mini princesses whose costumes rival those on stage.  There is a lovely interaction between the cast and their audience through party games and dancing.


The female cast members Issie Menillo, Sophia Thomson, Ellie James and Charlie Miller bring the beautiful princesses Pocahontas, Cinderella, Jasmine, Moana, Belle, Rapunzel, Ariel, Anna and Elsa to life in song and colourful costumes.  Josh Spiniello and Deon Marino Williams are their charming handsome princes in the form of Flynn Rider, Maui, Price Eric, Beast and Prince Hans.


All of the songs are delightful.  Some highlights for me were Issie Menillo as Pocahontas singing Colours of the Wind, the duet of Sophie Thompson and Deon Martino Williams singing Beauty and the Beast, Josh Spiniello’s Maui song You’re Welcome (and I loved the costume), and finally the songs from Frozen that their audience was so excited about.  Charlie Miller as Anna and Ellie James as Elsa sang lovely solos and duets and Elsa nailed that ultimate song from Frozen Let it Go.


Congratulations to Director Trish Francis and her team on staging a wonderful fairytale party.

A Princess Party
Promise Adelaide

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