A Little Princess Hills Youth Theatre

A Little Princess Hills Youth Theatre

Reviewed by Sally Putnam

June 2012

A Little Princess is the perfect story for a large cast of eager young actors and even more actresses. It follows the adventures of Sara, who is taken by her army captain father from her home in India to a boarding school in London.

The heroine Sara has a boundless imagination and script writer Josh Saunders an ex student/tutor has made the most of these flights of fancy to provide roles for the large cast.

The Mermaid Princess, Hero and his Band, Neptune and the Crustaceans all made an appearance in the Underwater scene in which there were some nice one-liners and attitude which brought out appreciative laughter from the audience.

Ayisha Pauli as Young Sara, Boudiccia McConnon as Young Emengarde, Nick Robins as  Young Peter and Ellie Bickerton as Young Lottie deserve a mention. Peter and Sara closed Act One with a delightful duet. The older versions of the main characters were effective in mirroring the mannerisms of their younger partners.

Unfortunately chicken pox struck down some members of the company but in true theatre tradition the rest of the cast carried on regardless. This play will improve as the season progresses and performers develop the confidence that comes from running a play.

Congratulations to the Hills Youth Theatre for encouraging a young playwright, and providing so many enthusiastic youngsters with an opportunity to act, sing, dance, dress up in great costumes and have lots of fun learning how to work with others.



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