6 Dance Lessons in 6 Weeks – The Therry Dramatic Society

6 Dance Lessons in 6 Weeks – The Therry Dramatic Society

The Therry Dramatic Society’s latest offering is flawless, sophisticated and totally engrossing.  The crisp dialogue of Richard Alfieri’s witty and thought-provoking play is delivered with panache by leads Bronwen James and Lindsay Prodea.

Bronwen James as the widowed Lily Harrison and Lindsay Prodea as her hired dance instructor are completely engaging and believable in their roles (including their American accents).  Bronwen and Lindsay’s skilful and energetic portrayal of their characters and their developing friendship through the gradual disclosure of their life stories keeps the audience looking forward to the next dance. Some very funny dialogue counterpoints the more emotional aspects of their lives. And the dancing was very good too!

Although it is a two character play, the addition of Maxine Grubel as Mrs Harrison’s home help to clear the set in between dance lessons is a great choice.  Maxine’s non-speaking cameo was met with increasing applause as the play proceeded.

The set design is elegant and the lighting changes are subtle and very effective.  The many costume changes add a further colourful dimension to both the stories and the dance.

Congratulations to Director Pam O’Grady and her production team on a quality production.

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