42ND STREET – Metropolitian Musical Theatre Company

42ND STREET – Metropolitian Musical Theatre Company

Reviewed by Wendy Mildren

May 2010

When an amateur company announces it is putting on a well known all singing all dancing show like ‘42nd Street’ it causes some anxiety as to how well it can be done, however on this occasion the Met can congratulate themselves on an excellent production.

The show starts with an exhilarating tap dance with a large crowd on an empty stage, and this minimalistic approach was carried right through with great effect.   The story has a multitude of locations and this was handled well by a few well placed props and backdrops.   The choreographer, Carmel Vistoli was to be congratulated in managing such a number of dances done by such a large group of people.   The costumes were fabulous and so many of them!  Well done to the team of dressmakers.   Leonie Osborn, who directed the show should take a bow as the action of the show moved seamlessly with some of the actors moving various props and furniture for the next scene.


Claire McEvoy as ‘Peggy Sawyer’ looked great and sang and danced beautifully.  Jenny Scare-Tolley as the temperamental leading lady sang like an angel.  Joel Valenti as the entrepreneur ‘Julian Marsh’ was great and produced a fabulous singing voice in the last Act.  There was a cast of millions who all did their parts exceptionally well.

The only sour note in the show was the brass section of the orchestra.   It was loud and quite often discordant and distracted from the perfection of the singing voices.
In all the show was a toe-tapping  success with all the well known songs that left you humming along.
Well done the Met.

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