TASA Youth Page

TASA is aiming to increase the involvement of young people in our theatre community as both audience members and participants. For this reason, we have been elected as youth representatives for TASA and are committed to widening our community with the inclusion of young people.

In order to help us achieve this goal we have set up a Youth Page section on the TASA website. This page will assist young people in accessing information about upcoming shows that are aimed towards them in addition to providing information about upcoming opportunities to be involved in productions through crew or cast roles.

To help encourage the next generation of theatre-goers we will promote TASA’s new free membership structure so that when young people subscribe they have easy access to book tickets for shows across the state. In order to advertise this we believe it would be beneficial for companies to promote their shows directly to young people with student discounts or ‘student nights’. This would involve providing discounted student tickets for our young people or a discounted night for students, encouraging groups of students or young people to attend shows. This would serve as promotion for your companies and would be a selling point for young people to subscribe to TASA emails to hear about your upcoming events. If your show is aimed towards a younger audience, it would also be valuable to have reviews from TASA’s young-adult reviewers.

We are very excited to further widen our community and show more of Adelaide’s youth what theatre has to offer! Please send us any information about your upcoming shows that we could advertise to young people through the Youth Page on the TASA website.

Zoe and Tilly
Youth Representatives

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