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All the best stories are true

James Graham’s Ink is the final production of the Theatre Guild’s 85th Season and will open at the University’s unique Little Theatre October 12.

Ink is a theatrical adventure that delves into the world of journalism, media and the birth of  infamous British tabloid newspaper The Sun. Bringing this complex story to life presents  a unique set of challenges and opportunities, both of which excites co-directors Robert Bell and Rebecca Kemp.  The story is a fictional telling of a factual event, and as Murdoch states in Ink, “All the best stories are true.” 

Co-Directors Bell and Kemp have embarked on a journey of collaboration in bringing Ink to  the stage. Their partnership underscores the significance of synergy in theatrical  direction; their shared vision for the production is essential, ensuring a cohesive narrative and coherent artistic expression. 

“It’s spooky how alike we think about certain things,” says Kemp. “But after a decade of  friendship we really know each other well. We know how the other person thinks & operates  and we leverage each other’s strengths and fill the gaps of the other.” 

The cast plays a pivotal role in the success of any production. For Ink, finding actors who can embody the complexity of characters like Rupert Murdoch and Larry Lamb was a no-brainer for the co-directors. They are grateful that Joshua Coldwell (Murdoch) and Bart Csorba (Lamb) were up for the challenge. A dynamic ensemble was assembled, including Steve Marvanek, Sarika Young, Gary George, Kate Anolak, David Lockwood, Charlie Milne, John  Rosen, Stuart Pearce, Sahra Cresshull, Joh Hartog, Maxwell Whigham, Oggy Trisic & Sam Wiseman, who were all were open, curious & collaborative in bringing both real and fictional  characters to life.  “I’ve worked with many of the actors throughout my journey as a  performer in Adelaide,” says Bell. “I’ve learnt so much from them and their guidance, but I  feel throughout Ink it has been a real example of ‘you never stop learning’.” 

Robert and Rebecca were humbled also to bring together a talented crew, coaxing Normajeane Ohllson out of retirement to design their incredible set, local musician Phil Short to compose original music, plus a host of other talented individuals taking on the enormous task of stage managing, lighting and dressing the show.  

Ink explores the themes around the power of media, the ethics of journalism and the blurred  lines between news and entertainment. Themes still relevant for today’s audiences.  Directing Ink has been a complex & rewarding endeavour.  The show is hilarious and also packed with gripping moments that tell one hell of a story. 
A story good enough for the front page.

Ink plays at the Little Theatre 12-22 October 

Tickets are available from

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