THE CEMETERY CLUB – Therry Dramatic Society

THE CEMETERY CLUB – Therry Dramatic Society

Reviewed by Ceri Horner

November 2011

The Cemetery Club by Ivan Menchell is a clever and poignant play which deals with the difficult subject of moving on after the loss of a spouse.

Therry’s production under the direction of Loriel Smart is sensitively balanced and manages to remain light hearted and full of humour without making light of the sometimes solemn storyline. The action centres around three Jewish women who visit their husband’s graves together once a month. Each is coping with her loss in a different way and with varying degrees of success.

Ida played by Julie Quick is ready for change; Lucille played by Pam O’Grady is playing the field, while Doris played by Penni Hamilton-Smith has no plans to stop being completely devoted to her dead husband.

The three women work very well together, portraying a strong and believable friendship which brings to light three very different ways of dealing with loss.
John Green is flawless in the role of Sam the eligible butcher and Julia Whittle completes the excellent casting in the role of Mildred.

Add to this the perfect pace, good sets and plenty of chuckles and The Cemetery Club is another thoroughly enjoyable winner for Therry.

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