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The public face of TASA is primarily through the publication of the monthly magazine, Encore.

Encore is emailed out to members each month (excluding January) and includes:

  • promotion of current and upcoming productions
  • reviews of productions
  • feature articles
  • audition notices
  • a listing of upcoming productions
  • workshop and conference information
  • expressions of interest for directors and technical crew
  • other South Australian theatre-related information

You can subscribe to Encore by taking out an individual membership of TASA for $30.  Encore will be emailed to you each month.  You will also have a log in for this website allowing you members' only access to Encore online and reviews as soon as they are submitted (exciting if you are in a show and can't wait until the first of the month!)

Members can also promote their group activities and production in Encore magazine, free of charge.

Photos, media releases, and show details should be sent to the editor by the 15th of the month before publication (eg send in June for July publication).


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